News & Updates

  • 7/11/20:   Added more methods links, including new sample size paper for validation of continuous outcomes (PDF)

  • 2/11/20:   Added further methods references, including link to slides by Dr Maarten van Smeden on sample size

  • 12/10/20: Added video by Prof Carl Moons about systematic reviews of prognosis studies  

  • 2/10/20:  Added video by Dr Laure Wynants about COVID-19 related prediction models

  • 2/10/20:  Added additional video on sample size for prediction model development delivered by Prof Richard Riley

  • 2/10/20:  Added video by Prof Frank Harrell Jr on controversies in prediction modeling

  • 2/10/20:  Added a separate tab for videos, to increase their visibility 

  • 1/10/20:   Quotes of note! Added a new page of notable quotes about prognosis research (and bad practice) 

  • 1/10/20:   Links to other related websites and online apps (e.g. for sample size) now included

  • 1/10/20:   Methods guidance and PDFs extended throughout, especially in the prognostic models  section

  • 22/9/20:  Introductory video added about Prognosis Research & the PROGRESS framework

  • 21/9/20:   Methods guidance added for prognostic factor research here

  • 16/9/20:   MEMTAB Conference will now be a virtual one; further details here  

  • 15/9/20:   Videos added on sample size for prognostic modelling and conduct & reporting of prognostic models

  • 13/9/20:   Website born!