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Welcome to
aiming to improve prognosis & prediction research in healthcare

This website serves as a companion to the book Prognosis Research in Healthcare: Concepts, Methods and Impact

This website aims to provide:


  • framework to help you plan, carry out and evaluate prognosis research in healthcare

  • guidance on prognosis research methods, including links to key papers and presentations

  • videos of recent talks & webinars from experts in the field, covering emerging topics, methods and controversies

Our drive to improve prognosis research stems from the PROGRESS (PROGnosis RESearch Strategy) partnership

PROGRESS brought together a group of healthcare professionals, researchers and journal editors to develop a coherent framework for prognosis research. 

An introductory video can be found here


Key outputs of PROGRESS include:

  • the PROGRESS framework for prognosis research, published in four linked papers in 2013 in the BMJ and PLOS Medicine covering: overall prognosis (PDF); prognostic factors (PDF); prognostic models (PDF); and predictors of treatment effect (PDF).    

  • published recommendations for improving transparency in prognosis research (PDF


On this website, we disseminate the PROGRESS framework and good methodology standards, along with new and emerging methodology outputs, to encourage better prognosis & prediction research in practice.


The website is managed by Prof Richard Riley and Dr Kym Snell

For suggestions, feedback & further information please,


email Prof Richard Riley or Dr Kym Snell


tweet @Richard_D_Riley  or @Kym_Snell           



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